The Hiram Key

Grumpy was named 'Hiram' after the hero of Freemason mythology, Hiram Abif. He was named by his father, who also bore the name Hiram, who was in turn named by his father, who bore the name Hiram. That's three Hirams.

Grumpy is Hiram Pendleton Caton, III. The father and grandfather were Freemasons. The mythic Freemason history attributes to Hiram certain cosmic secrets which vanished when he was murdered in Thebes, Egypt in 1573 B.C. Yet the secrets were preserved in hidden sacred documents which came into the possession of Joseph, son of Abraham, in Memphis, Egypt. The story of their transmission, as told by Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas in The Hiram Key, is a history of Israel and of Christianity. Hiram the King of Tyre figures as the builder of Solomon's Temple, while Jesus is an early expression of the reform spirit said to animate Freemasonry.



Brisbane, Queensland
Credit: Mylivingtree

Population 1,652,000
Area 4643 km²
Temperature (°C)
Max 30.5; Min 12.7
Average rainfall:
1250 mm (p.a.)
Latitude 27º 23'S;  
Longitude 153° 8'E

The Third Millennium
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