It’s a great feeling to be powerful.  I’ve been striving for it all my life.  I think that’s just the quest of every human being: power.—Madonna

It’s better to be rich and happy than poor and sad.—W.C. Fields

Over himself, over his own body and mind, the individual is sovereign.—J.S. Mill

But man, proud man / Dress’d in a little brief authority, / Most ignorant of what he’s most assur’d, / His glassy essence like an angry ape, / Plays such fantastic tricks before high heaven, / As makes the angels weep.—Shakespeare

Briefly stated, 'God' is an effect of the drive-arrest-release sequence actioned by psychotropic neurotransmitters in the temporal lobe limbic structures.—Anon.

Hiram’s Ethics Writings

Note: This list excludes writings on AIDS and on truth management. 

Pieter Admiraal
Pieter Admiraal
REproductive ethics
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The Autonomy Monoculture: A Review of Max Charlesworth’s Bioethics in a Liberal Society, 1993

Sir William Liley Lecture: Rationing Life in the Welfare State: Perspectives on the Future, 1992

These two essays explore utilitarian ethics, with emphasis on the actual practice of euthanasia, abortion, and birth technologies.  Apercu: The leader of the euthanasia movement in the Netherlands, Dr Pieter Admiraal, begins his lectures with the statement:
‘I have killed 1000 patients.’  The qualifying phrase, ‘with their consent’, is absent.  Deliberately. 


Ethics 12 Principles of humanity

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About Disability: An Allegory (co-authored with John I. Fleming)

This is the summary of papers given at the 9th World Congress on Intellectual Disability, Canberra, 1993.

Book - Scientists Advocate Policy

Scientists Advocate Policy: In Vitro Fertilisation in Australia

A study of testimony of IVF scientists to the Australian Senate committee commissioned to make recommendations concerning the legal regulation of IVF and surrogacy practice.




dolly the sheep whither progress

Selling Dolly: An Ethics Hoax

A study of the media campaign to transform the cloning of the Finn Dorset sheep, Dolly, into the annulment of British and U.S. prohibitions on human cloning.  The ploy worked.

got ethics whither progress

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The Singer-Affaire

Ethicist Peter Singer’s high profile tour of Dutch, Austrian, and Germany bioethics centers to promote euthanasia was ‘terminated’ by activist groups that took to the streets to protest his ethics.  This essay is a study of the events and their meaning.

Book - Trends in biomedical Education

Trends in Biomedical Regulation, 1990


Self-Regulation: A Study of the Ethics Committee System

Confidentiality vs Accountability: An Ethical Conflict within Ethics Committees

The Ethics of Human Embryo Experimentation

fork in the road whither progress

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The Resource Allocation Dilemma

Healthcover 2 (4): 40-42, 45-46, August-September 1992

The new wave of brilliant technologies witnessed in the past 20 years (such as organ transplantation and in vitro fertilisation) has presented health care providers and lawmakers with issues which go to the very heart of the value and purpose of life. The era of finite/reduced funding has added another layer to this set of challenges: the questions Who lives? Who dies? Who pays? and Who decides? In this paper, bioethicist Hiram Caton sounds a warning over the community's growing permissiveness toward "medical killing" and the danger of euthanasia being accepted and broadened to contribute to population and resource control. He predicts the greatest competition for resources will be between the young and the aging, and asks whether the "health care crisis" might be due, at least in part, to medically-induced mass anxiety about pain and sickness.

Recycle your beiefs whither progress

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The AIDS Apocalypse

Topics in Ethics: Course Study Guide

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easy to sell, hard to chew

applied ethics whither progress

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every day ethics whither progress

Every day ethics

ehtics bowl contest whither progress

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Laboratory scientists

The Humanist Experiment: Superman from the Test Tube
This pamphlet is a historical sketch of humanist support for eugenics, population control, birth technologies, and euthanasia, all to the purpose of evolving a higher human type.  Among the organizations that promote 'paradise engineering' are the Council for Secular Humanism, the World Transhumanist Association, BLTC Research, and the Future of Humanity Institute, Oxford University.  Two new factors have entered the picture since The Humanist Experiment's publication: nanotechnology and artificial intelligence.  Ray Kurzweil's The Singularity is Near is representative of the new version of the humanist utopian vision. 

the scream edvard munch the scream whither progress

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The Assault on the Family
Comment on Draft Guidelines on Academic Fraud



The Hastings Center for Bioethics and Public Policy
The Poynter Center
The Pew Center
Kennedy Institute of Ethics, Georgetown University
EthicsWeb Canada
Global Ethics Observatory (UNESCO)
The Declaration of a Global Ethic
Institute for Global Ethics
National Human Genome Research Institute, Policy and Ethics
Bioethics Resources on the Web
The Future of Humanity Institute, Oxford University

The Nihilist Counter Order


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