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A New Approach to the Revolutionary Crowd

The Iconography of European Revolution
Reinvent Yourself: Labile Psychosocial Identity and the Lifestyle Market Place
Is the Group Mind a Self-Organizing System?
Crowds and Democratic Politics: An Ethological Approach
Androids, Extropians, and Engineered Mutants: Ethics Uploaded into Cyberspace
Gamblers: Consumers, Mugs, or Altruists?
Television Images of Police Ethics
Political Pathologies
A Method for the Analysis of Neurotic Political Thought
Pascal's Syndrome: Positivism as a Symptom of Depression and Mania
Review, Clark McPhail, The Myth of the Madding Crowd
Review, Susan Blackmore, The Meme Machine
Kenneth Westhues, Mobbing, A Natural Fact
Sergey Nechayev, The Revolutionary Catechism

Consideration Liberation Army
Philosophers! Debutantes! Farmers! Shock jocks! We are the Consideration Liberation Army. We are dedicated to forcing rampant engagement with ideas. Our goal is to take back the terror and place it once again in the rightful hands of artists, who confuse, mystify, and take up your valuable time...

Video - How to Catch a Train in China

The psychology of crowds was a particular passion of Hiram Caton


Stanford Humanities Lab
Crowd Management
Crowd Disasters, 1902-2008
Keith Still's Crowd Dynamics
MIT Center for Collective Intelligence

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